Case Study 3

a female only life insurance company

What The Client Wanted:
This client is a female only life insurance company. They operate in a niche sector and were already were running Facebook ads in house, but not getting the results they wanted and desired. They knew that their sector was expanding with the rise in single mums and working women and women making more financial decision. They wanted a taste of the honey and their business was ready for more business and efficiently set up with systems and structures in place.

The Strategy:
We realised that the metrics that the client was working with were not conducive to positive results and we focused on two key variables. Firstly, we executed tactics to reduce their CPA (cost per lead) and secondly, we worked to increase radically the number of qualified leads.

The Results:

  • We reduced their CPA which was above £200 to £15 a lead within a matter of weeks. This was reduction of 87%
  • We increased their qualified lead rate to an average of 12-15 leads per day

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