Case Study 2

a global networking organisation

What The Client Wanted:
This organisation is a global networking organisation allowing entrepreneurs from local areas to join this exclusive club where they will get first hand advice and tips from some of the biggest and most successful people within the business world. The company boast a rich roaster of top business people and speakers and a top selection of A list celebrities, including Pharrell Williams, Al Pacino, Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Our Strategy:
As with any strategy we began with the end in mind and reverse engineered a process and roadmap. We carried out extensive research in the sector including past performance, competitor activity and audience targeting to build up a vibrant and colourful picture of the client.

The core of our strategy was a 3-step funnel process.

We went for an upmarket, informative landing page together with an irresistible high end offer for the target audience in allowing them an opportunity to download a free guide. The guide focused on how to change mind-set and how the reader could become an achiever in both their personal and business lives. This was our lead magnet, the free guide in exchange for information from the reader together with their email address.

The next step was a series of well-crafted and thought provoking auto responders.

The first landing page gave the reader a taste of the high calibre of people attending and the A list success stories. This gained their attention and interest.

The second page was similar in layout and style but more current and focused about the current months and specific event details and created more desire. It also gave readers a chance to grab a free ticket.

The Results:
We captured the audience’s details at every step which allowed us to retarget to the active audience at every opportunity.

Over a three-month period this organisation, who were new to the Facebook platform, experienced the following results.

  • 17 new members at a cost of £777
  • £13,209 in revenue from over 75 people signing up to the events and over 110 people worldwide downloading the lead magnet.

They now run all their monthly events through us and each month they are gaining more traction and more sign ups with each event.

  • Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) £13209 (in sales) from an ad spend of £2451 = 538.92% ROAS

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