Case Study 1

local PPI company

What The Client Wanted:

These are the results of a local business based in the North West of England helping people of the UK reclaim their unfair PPI charges. It’s a highly saturated and highly competitive market, so it was quite a challenge for us to take on.

Before they came to work with us they generated around 470 leads over a 3 month period, generated by their Facebook campaign. They wanted our help, and oh boy did they get it.

Due to our expertise and knowledge we are now getting them over 6000 leads per month – consistently for an average cost per lead of £15

The Strategy:
In this case the key elements were about digging deep into the psychology of their ideal demographic into a very granular level, one of the treasures of using Facebook for marketing.

We then needed to craft very emotive and captivating ad copy.

Finally the real success came in our diligence and time spent in split testing many variants of copy image and headings to figure out the best performing variants. Once we had identified these we went into a sequential scaling process with the winning ads. Often it is only with extensive experience and expertise does an agency know what to do in varied circumstances. Remember Facebook is still a newish platform.

The Results
…Well, do we need to say it again? 6000 LEADS PER MONTH! The client had to take on five new staff.

Our Clients.